I am concerned about my child's development and  behaviour

Every child is different in a very special way. Parenting these little creatures and seem them grow is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs that any of us would do in their lifetime. For a number of children this journey may be more difficult, as their little person presents with differences in their development and behaviours, that often requires assistance and support. Early recognition and intervention is often key for better outcomes. 


  How and where can I get them assessed? 

The first step is to see your Child Health nurse or GP to discuss your concerns. Talk to your child's day care provider or teacher, ask them if they have similar concerns. Ask them to give you a letter to support referral for further assessments. The next step usually involves seeing Allied Health professionals, Speech or Occupational Therapist. Physiotherapy or Psychology input maybe also required. A Paediatrician is required to verify and confirm a diagnosis, may also consider additional investigations. There are options available in our region, however there are waiting times involved in accessing the service of your choice. 


How and where can I get support from?

Supports and interventions can be initiated early, there are a lot of things you can do differently at home. In early childhood a diagnosis if often not required to get early intervention from the National Disability Insurance Scheme. In older children a diagnosis or a label is often a means for support. Please remember that it does not define your child now or who they are going to be in the future. The labels assist in getting them the right supports at school and in the community accessing appropriate government funded programs.  


How can we help?

We have put together a number of resources and products to help families, teachers and primary care providers navigate systems and get the right support and assessments for their child. The list is not exhaustive and if there are any omissions this has not been done on purpose. If there are any other services and supports available in North Queensland please get in touch and let us know.

NQADHAS aims to provide a platform for families in North Queensland to advocate for the best supports and assessments for children and young people with different abilities. 


We offer online resources and products for parents, teachers and health providers that can be used as the first step in their assessment journey. 


We aim to  strengthen working relationship between Primary care and Specialist Paediatrician as well as collaboration with Schools, Allied Health Professionals and Community and Disability Support Services. 

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NQADHAS / Noise Corridor Pty ltd

Contact Details:  admin@nqadhas.com.au

Please note that: Dr Michalis  has joined Paeds in a Pod, a Brisbane based practice who is also offering services in Regional Queensland including in Mackay and Townsville. https://www.paedsinapod.com.au

Dr Michalis is offering face to face and video consults on Mondays at JCU Health in Townsville.   Please contact Paeds in the Pod admin team on 07 3177 2000 for appointments queries.

Adhoc/Urgent Telehealth appointments with Dr Michalis can also be made through online hospital  https://www.docto.com.au/

Please contact 1300336286 or email admin@docto.com.au for further details 

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