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Referrals can be sent by email or fax


fax: 07 4409 2392

Following referral 


We will make contact with the family by phone or text on the mobile provided to offer an appointment by telehealth. This would be organised usually with the family at home or at school, however at times and depending on the availability of the referring doctor, we can organise an appointment at your practice.

Telehealth clinics at your GP practice 


If this is something that your practice can support, we can schedule fornightly or monthly telehealth sessions at your practice depending on number of patients. We can use Skype,  Zoom, Facetime or other video consult software.

Waiting times and bookings


We aim to see all children within 90 days of referral. Our doctors work flexibly to accommodate for this. Families will be contacted by text for appointment and once they confirm we will forward details of appointment at  your practice by email or via secure messaging.


Duration of appointments


Initial appointments are usually around 45 minutes.  The referring doctor does not have to be present for the whole consultation. We usually allocate 15 minutes at the end of consult to discuss the summary of management plan. Medicare rebates are available for GPs that participate in Telehealth consultation with Specialists.

Outreach clinics


At moment we provide outreach to Ayr, Home Hill, Bowen, Whitsunday and Ingham 3-4 times a year, and have weekly Telehealth clinics.  Our aim to see each patient at least once face to face, on first or second appointment.

Cost for appointment

All telehealth appointments are bulkbilled. There is an Out of pocket cost for face to face appointments. Please see details:


Communication with GP


All correspondence with GP is managed through secure messaging via Medical Objects. If you do not subscribe to this please let us know by email to arrange alternative source of communication. Please note that our admin support at present is limited to 8 hours a week, we will get to you as soon as it is possible.


Communication with family / Patient Portal


NQADHAS uses award winning electronic patient record Clinic to Cloud. Through Clinic to Cloud patients can access a patient portal where they can make or modify telehealth appointments, check their child's clinical information including letters and reports as well as blood tests and x-rays. Please see the link for further details:

Collaboration and Shared Care

With aim to work closely and collaboratively with primary Physicians with closed communication, supporting and sharing the care with family centre approach. The model below illustrates our commitment with our partners to help children and families in Rural and Regional Queensland the best outcomes in development, behaviour and learning 

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 9.46.36 am.png
Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 9.46.36 am.png

 Resources - Health Pathways 

The Mackay Health pathways in extremely useful resource in assisting GPs in the management of behavioural and developmental conditions in children. Go to to register /access.

Autism - Early intervention in Early Childhood


A short talk by Dr Michalis at the Launch of the Mackay Health Pathways on Autism Spectrum  

Screen Shot 2020-08-30 at 1.18.02 am.png

Contact Us


PO Box 228, Beligian Gardens LPO,

Shop 12,  32 Eyre Street, North Ward, QLD 4810

Referrals to:

fax: 07 4409 2392

Noise Corridor Pty ltd

Studio 42, 42 Manilla Street, East Brisbane, QLD 4169

Phone: 07 5660 6740

Mobile: 0434 774434

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