QbCheck ADHD test ($200 out of pocket)

QbCheck ADHD test ($200 out of pocket)


What is QbCheck?   

QbCheck is a web-based, 20 minute long objective test for 6-60 year-olds that measures the three core symptoms of ADHD; hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention. The test taker’s results are analysed and compared to the result of individuals of the same age and gender, with and without ADHD. The comparison makes it possible for QbCheck, based on objective data, to predict the likelihood of ADHD, and provide healthcare professionals with information that can aid in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD. QbCheck measures the test taker’s movements, ability to pay attention and impulse control during a 15-20 minute test. 


How long does QbCheck take? 

The test itself is about 15 minutes for children aged between 6-11 years and 20 minutes for individuals aged 12-60. A follow up appointment will be also arranged to discuss the results of the QbCheck 


Why use QbCheck? 

QbCheck provides qualified professionals with objective measurements of hyperactivity, impulsivity and inattention to aid in the assessment of ADHD and in the evaluation of treatment interventions in individuals with ADHD (e.g. pre and post medication). QbCheck results should be interpreted only by qualified NQADHAS professionals. 


Where can the QbCheck be carried out? 

QbCheck is carried out under controlled conditions which can be in a school, or clinic, by a member of the qualified and certified team of specialists at NQADHAS 


Is a referral required to undertake the test? 

No, QbCheck can be unertaken without a referral. The results of the assessment which includes a report are the ownership of the client and will be sent to them electronically.  


What happens before, during and after the test? 

A short discussion about the test will made before the test. The child would be given instructions and allowed to undertake the test in a quiet room without any distractions. The individual and/or their family will be send a full report to their email address. The report includes an analysis of the results.  


Can QbCheck confirm diagnosis of ADHD? 

No, QbCheck is a very useful adjunct to the assessment and management of ADHD.  To confirm a diagnosis of ADHD, input from a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist is often required.  


How much does QbCheck cost? 

QbCheck cost is $150 when administered by NQADHAS staff. This includes the cost of the licence for each test purchased from QbTech, the software developer, as well as staff expenses and overheads.  


NQADHAS ADHD assessments 

At NQADHAS, our paediatricians make comprehensive assessments for ADHD. A referral is required to see a Paediatrician who will give you a detailed analysis of the QbCheck as well discuss any other assessments and observations that have been undertaken at home or at school.  


NQADHAS QbCheck offer 

If you have purchased a QbCheck through our website your first paediatric appointment with NQADHAS will be bulk billed. 


Further information 

Please see the QbTech website for further details https://www.qbcheck.com/public-info/about-test