T.O.V.A ADHD test (no referral required)

T.O.V.A ADHD test (no referral required)


What is TOVA?  

The Test of Variables Of Attention (TOVA) is a computer administered continuous performance test which has become widely used as an adjunct for the diagnosis of ADHD.

It is also an excellent objective method of assessing the effectiveness of medication for ADHD, without relying solely on parent's/teachers reports and an interview in the paediatricians' office.


Who can take the test?

The clinic offers this test as a service as an empirical means of titrating ADHD medication. Parents may ask their paediatrician that this test be carried out before medication is given, and to adjust medication dose. Alternatively the clinic may provide this service to parents directly.


What can the TOVA test be used for?

The TOVA reduces the likelihood of under or over-medication. It ensures that the medication dose is optimum for the child. A comprehensive computer generated report is provided to the referring medical practitioner or to parents.


How is the test done?

The TOVA task requires students to press a specially designed micro switch whenever a "target" appears on the screen, and to refrain from pressing when a "non-target" appears.


What does the TOVA measure?

The scores are compared to an age appropriate database to produce standardised scores, which gives useful objective information on four variables of attention:

  • Ability to sustain attention and mental effort
  • Impulse control
  • Brain processing speed (reaction time).
  • Distractibility (variability in the response times)